...and you will have to get out in 60 minutes!


„CLOSED IN THE ROOM” is the type of the Escape Room game. In this kind of entertainement participants are getting closed in topical rooms and they have got 60 minutes to exit them. Only by working as a team you will be able to solve tasks and riddles, which help you to find a key to exit. Not everyone is able to go out, but this is the reason why victory taste even better… Each city, where you can find us has completely different rooms, carrying a different story. Book the time of the reservation which fits you most and… accept the challenge!

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You do not know what to do on the weekend in Poznan? You are looking for interesting attractions for a bachelorette party or bachelor party? Our Escape Room is a dose of adrenaline and excitement for you and your friends.
The crime scene – you and your group of friends in the heart of the criminal puzzle … in a warm, loving home. Find out who killed and unravel a dark secret!
Room of stars – exciting, space adventure in an alien galaxy. It is here that takes a real fight the forces of evil!
Drunk Tank 2.0 – a great event, a massive dose of percentages and night on the Drunk Tank. The hangover is killing you, so get out of here as fast as you can!
Last Place – flat full of dark riddles. Face your fear and win a scary battle with a psychopath!
Give yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable weekend in Poznan – the adrenaline and excitement guaranteed!



Bachelorette or bachelor party in Kalisz? Choose an Escape Room. Invite your friends and experience unforgettable moments, with a lot of adrenaline and fun!
Prison – things do not always go our way … you hit with your friends to jail. However, you bribed a guard and you gained 60 minutes to get out and regain your freedom!
Java or dream – demons from dreams, images like the worst nightmare… you have to wake up, but is the reality a key to find liberation?
Psychiatric hospital – a fatal mistake. You are declared with friends for patients of the psychiatric hospital. If you fail to escape, you will be subjected to shock therapy…
Capsule – you oxygen is finishing up! Time to join forces, because it’s the only to survive! The stake is your life …
Get in the game – we provide 100% emotions!


Jubilates for free!

Do you have got an anniversary? You don’t pay!
Do you want to give a gift for somebody else? Give us an information earlier, so we can make your surprise even better!

Next entrance for free!

Do you want to make your enter for free? When your friends during booking give us your e-mail adress, we will reduce your price by 10 zl… till you enter for free!

Special prize for special players!

Did you manage to exit the room before the time ends? You are a winner! Did you manage to do this before 45 minutes? You are a special winner! And if you do this, we will reduce a price for your next visit by 20 zl.

Price List

(for whole group)

60 minutes of game

2-4 people

7 days in the week

4 rooms to choose

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Bigger groups/parties

Business/integration parties

You are looking for a gift for a loved one? It’s wonderful! Give the voucher to any room and ensure her 60 minutes of unforgettable impressions!

Do you want to make a unique birthday party, organize a passionate bachelor / bachelorette party or just play in the larger group? We have something for you!

Are you looking for unique ways to build ties between employees? Let us close you in our rooms and feel how integrates common riddle solving!

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